Kimberly S. Cionni, C.P.A.


CPAs can be the most valuable business partner, helping to start and manage efficiency.


As an accounting firm, we offer a full range of accounting services and tax services for the individual and business.


As CPA’s we are (and have always been) required by professional standards and Federal and State laws to maintain independence (both in fact and in appearance) and ethical integrity to those we service.


The primary functions of our CPA office are to provide assurance services, and/or public accounting.


We work with area attorneys and financial planners that represent taxpayers in matters of individuals, estate, and corporate finance.











retain our clients' confidence by the quality of possessing and steadfastly adhering to high moral principles  and professional standards.


We realize the importance of personal services, customized according to the clients’ needs.

Kimberly S. Cionni, C.P.A.

1420 Commerce Street, Suite 1

PO Box 448

Wellsburg, WV 26070

TEL: 304.737.0601

FAX: 304.737.9000

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